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Dr. Lei Tang was born and brought up in China. After having received the bachelors degree in China, she moved to France.

She received the Ph.D. degree in science management from an accredited French public institution, Institut National des Télécommunications ( Currently, she is working as an assistant professor in marketing and strategy department at a school of business in France.

Her education and research interests straddle between marketing management and telecom engineering, making marketing principles accessible to engineering and reaching out to practitioners in the chosen application fields.

Her current research goals mainly focus on Technology adoption and Innovation diffusion from an international comparative perspective – consumer behaviour with its technological, intercultural, anthropological and sociological aspects – that is mostly business-based. Her future work seeks to develop MVNO business models, mobile advertising, mobile payment and other killer mobile applications. Her interest in Chinese business (domestic and international) is attributed to her Chinese origin. She has undertaken consultancy work and research projects for many companies.